Sunday, December 15, 2013

100 by 100

Working on a bit of a bucket list here...

1.       Visit Stonehenge
2.       Go to The Roman Coliseum
3.       Walk along the Great Wall of China
4.       Hike Mt. Fuji (’99)
5.       Do the no pants subway ride in NY
6.       Get my picture taken in front of the Taj Mahal
7.       Pyramids of Egypt
8.       Sphinx of Giza
9.       Visit Cinque Terre
10.   Hike Appalachian Trail
11.   Go to Napal at Everest Base Camp
12.   Go to all four of the Tennis Grand Slam events (US ’10)
13.   Run with the bulls
14.   Visit Rome
15.   Scuba the great barrier reef
16.   Scuba Truk Lagoon
17.   Feed whale sharks (’00)
18.   Bike across the country
19.   Attend the winter Olympics
20.   Attend the summer Olympics
21.   Bike tour during the TDF
22.   Run a trail marathon
23.   Times Square for New Year’s
24.   Live on the beach
25.   Visit New Zealand
26.   Be an aid to a sight challenged athlete during a race
27.   Pilgrimage to Kolkata to Mother Teresa’s Tomb
28.   Ride in a gondola in Venice
29.   Visit Machu Picchu
30.   Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland
31.   Throw a fish at Pike’s Place market
32.   Attend the lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree
33.   Have a child
34.   Teach my child to ride a bike
35.   Visit all 50 States  (Need:  ME, VT, NH, MA, RI, DE, ND, SD, MT, MN)
36.   Backpack through Europe
37.   Explore Amsterdam (’97)
38.   See the Northern Lights
39.   Visit Argentina Iguazu falls
40.   Go to Bali

41.   Hike in the Amazon Rain Forest
74.  Learn to play golf. 

Still have a few to add, but it's a pretty good start.  Thanks for the inspiration Maggie, Meredith, Stu, and Tracy


  1. ok. I don't see anything on this list about taking ME to Bora Bora...dang.

    Come to Maine in 2013 for Rev3 Maine. I am very close to the beach. You can live on the beach for the week and two items will be crossed off.

    Great list--a few of these are on my life list too...

  2. Love it!! Find it particularly hilarious because very few people would include both the no-pants subway ride and visiting the Taj Mahal in one breath.