Tuesday, December 3, 2013

10 Gift Ideas For Your Athlete!

Some must have ideas for the athlete in your life!!

1.  TRISLIDE or TRISWIM $3.60+


 Anti-friction products are a must during the colder months!  With all the layers on, rubbing occurs and the stick product may be too hard to apply easily.  Give TRISLIDE a go!  It's small, aerosol can applies a slick coating to prevent chafing...just know that it works really well and don't apply on smooth floor surface.  They will become slippery!

The same company, SBR Sports, Inc. makes a line of swimming products to get ya clean and free of itchy, stinky chlorine! Shampoos, conditioners, lotions and more!!  The smaller bottles fit nicely in your swimming bag.

2.  Pearl Izumi Running Tights $50+

The new line even comes with a thermal layer & a built in liner (underwear)!!  The sizes seem true to size, expect for the 3/4 length.  I would order a size up.  The women seem to have the cool colors on this one!!

3.  Hand Warmers $10-$25.

Heading out the door for a cold run sure is easier if your digits and piggies are toasty!  These also make pretty awesome stalking stuffers!!

4.   Yaktrax $5-$47

Running in the snow and ice can be dangerous!  Ain't nobody got time for an injury!!  Give these fellas a try to help keep that traction!

5.   PowerBar Gels $1.35+

Sometimes when it gets cold out, we forget about our nutritional needs!  You still need to keep fueling the body, even when it's cold!!  For ease of use, I would recommend keeping your nutritional products in a warm pouch, or close to your body.  There's nothing like trying to eat a frozen PowerBar!

6.   GPS Watch $45+

There are tons of watches out there.  I'd look at what the needs are:  GPS?  Heart rate?  Waterproof? Multisport use, or just running?  And then there is price!!  These things can be pretty pricey & now they are offering more than just the boring black to add a piece of flair.  I do really like the Garmin line of products!

7.  Smartwool Running Socks $18+

Keeping those tootsies warm is sooooo important!  If you need to add another wicking layer cuz your feet sweat like crazy, try a thin dress sock as your base layer.  The outdoor light micro are great to run in, and I'd consider getting a sock that at least covers your ankles.

8.  Coffee Shop Gift Card $10+

Seems like coffee shops are a magnet to endurance athletes...well, I guess maybe people in general!  Even if your someone doesn't dig coffee, the aroma is nice and most have great teas to choose from!  And if they don't like tea either, you may consider getting new friends.  :)

9.  Magazine Subscription $25+

Athletes are geeks!  We like to read about what others are doing, what the trend is, the newest greatest gadget, and of course, where the next Rev3 race will be!  Runners World, Triathlete, Lava, Sports Illustrated, Bicycling, Outside, Coach & Athletic Director, Men's Health, and Cosmo...yes cosmo!

10.  New Helmet or Sunglasses $67+

Rudy Project tends to have really great deals this time of year!  There products are also reasonably priced, tested, and quite trendy!  They also have smaller lids for the peanut and monster helmets for those who have a giant gourd like me.  (Mom says it's cuz I have a big brain!)


  1. Oohh! I need those cute Pearl Izumi tights!! But with Jen and have some of the goodies above - all great recommendations!