Sunday, November 3, 2013

IMFL part 1

Thanks for all the cheers! Here's a bit of an update with me:

Thurs night, my choc lab Murphey died in my arms. He's the fella who would be in the cart at races-hadn't walked in over 2 yrs. For obvious reasons, I really didn't feel like toeing the line on Sat but Murph was a racing dog and would have been disappointed if I didn't because of him.  Don't really/not ready to write much more about this...I'm still so sad, and Murphey deserves more than an introductory paragraph. 

The race was good and I appreciated all the cheers, tweets, Facebook shout outs, and texts. I was surprised to find out later after I had PR'd in my swim, bike, & run that I had been DQ'd. I thought it might have been a typo, or maybe I did something and wasn't told, crossed the yellow line, littered...who knows?? After the local rockstar Chloe, was in touch w/ the head ref, it sounded like they didn't have my chip accounted for. 

This morning I went down to timing as instructed by the head ref, and was told that I had been DQ'd because they were missing a split for me at the park. He was a real dick!! Might not of helped that I was sporting a rev3 shirt!?

Anyway, I went back, got my garmin and showed the timing guy my splits. He just told me there isn't anything he could do and I needed to file an official protest, gave me an email address, and sent me on my way. Very disappointed w/ the handling of this...wasn't fast enough for a slot anyway, but really feel this could have been handled better. After the last few days I've had, to have the race of my life, only to be told it didn't count is quite heart breaking. Dealing with this instead of celebrating my day blows. 

Before the race, I knew this was going to be my last WTC and after all this, it put the stamp on it! 

Great seeing all the rev3 athletes and family out there! 

Going home without Murph is the hardest of all. 


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